Sunday, October 21, 2012

I am your Leader

Top: Zara (Plain Black)
Cap: Sm Dept. Store (Plain Green)
Bottom : People are People (Camouflage)
Shoes: Zara (Sneaker Boot)

We had a meeting yesterday about Pampanga's Fashion Bloggers for the fashion show this October 27 2012 Sponsored by Maligaya 168.It's our way of promoting our organization and marketing the shop. We were excited about the meeting that we are going to have because it's our first time to encounter fashion events.Now My Friend and I Decided to wear a camouflage print that will showcase our military side.We also want to show you guys that camouflage is the new alert trend this month. I hope you guys like it. Photograph by Mr. Kingsly Gonzales if you want to visit and check out his blog just click (Kingsly's Profile)

Offwhite(Studded Band)
Swatch(Gold Palette)

Zara (Studded Sneakers)

With My Partner (Cheska Balingit)

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