Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Blind them with the light (Sleek Makeup Solstice Palette)

I was in a hunt for an affordable makeup highlighter and it seems like I need to change my old one (marylou manizer from Balm Cosmetics.Good thing I was in Manila for 3 days and found the most talked about highlighter for the month of September. It's called the solstice palette from Sleekmakeup. The rave started when Jaclyn Hill talked about it, people got shooked and crazy of how amazing the palette was. We all know that Jaclyn is one of the most influential make up gurus in the beauty Industry, with that said she's also known to be one of the collaborators and makers of the Champagne pop Highlighter from Becca Cosmetics. 
Everyone trusted her expertise and people were impressed so the palette was a huge hit and a success. The solstice palatte has 4 shades which consists of 1 cream (ecliptic) and 3 powder highlighters (equinoz, hemisphere and subsolar). This palette is extremely pigmented and it is best used with a fan brush. I also used this palette to create my unicorn inspired look that will be posted this December 2016 on instagram @sefffancisco so stay tuned! . This palette was unbelievably blinding, it is 100% affordable I got it around 800 plus pesos. If you are too far from Sm malls try to shop and get the palette from Zaloraph. Here are the swatches I made for you guys.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Nubian palette from Juvias Place

Let me start by asking you this question are you into that warm neutral glam look? If you are,this blog post is for you. Will be talking about the Juvias place Nubian palette it was released in the middle of October and I've tested the palette already it is definitely worth a try it has 12 shades consisting of copper, brown and gold colors. I'm literally obsessed with this palette ever since nikkie tutorials talked about it, regardless if she talked about it or not the product is amazing. The palette speaks for itself. it is also inspired with the Egyptian empire which literally amazes me cause you can get so much inspiration from their cover. It's perfect for a night out with friends, if you want to go clubbing and have a very sweet romantic dinner with your lover.This can be your perfect go to palette!
This palette is best compared with 35o from morphe brushes and the Kyshadow Bronze palette from Kylie Cosmetics. The formula is something that other product should have when creating a palette it's pigmented and it is easy to blend. I got mine from an online shop called @makeupdepotph (instagram) I got it around 2000php. I have been wearing this palette all month long(October), also did a Halloween look on this palette,if you want to check it out follow me on Instagram @sefffrancisco. 
Born this way Foundation (warm Beige)
Mac Cosmetics Pro longwear Concealer (Nc32)
Contour/Bronzer : Marc Jacobs Beauty (Tantric)
Goof Proof Benefit Cosmetics : #5
Solstice Palette (Equinox)
Lips: Nyx SMLC (London with Mac Cosmetics "Spice")

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Worry no more, I got the Bag Solution

You know, for a couple of months now, I've been so focused on doing makeup looks. I'm basically entering the world of beauty and cosmetics.If you're following me on snapchat I've shown there a couple of products I used in order to take care of my skin . I truly believe that taking care of something will surely help you beautify,sustain and preserve the condition of the object or whatever it is you want to conserve . There are alot of things that needs to be considered when taking care of something (skin,body, health food and etc.) and today I'm going to introduce to you my latest discovery, it's about how to properly take care of your bags!we should be conscious that these bags are also one of the reasons why we look dapper, classy and sophisticated.worry no more cause finally, I found the perfect solution to all our bag problems.
 An online shop called "Ohmybagph" offers variety of bag equipments that make sure your bags are properly shaped, sustained and beautified. This equipments are 100% made in the Philippines it costs around 200-500php. I'm so amazed how they were able to come up with this business. I personally think that this is Genius!  One of my favorite products from their collection is their bag fillers it keeps your bag from deforming which is a big help for someone like me who loves to go out and change bags all the time.These kind of products are so perfect for luxury brand such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci and etc.Better check out their collection here at OhMyBag.com.ph ENJOY SHOPPING!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Highend Headwear (NEW ERA)

Last week I was able to visit New Era at Sm City Pampanga together with my friend (Pampanga Blogger Society) Will Garcia and my co Pampanga fashion Blogger Khai Nunag.New Era is originally from Buffalo, New York and was founded by a German Immigrant Ehrhardt Koch.I've been a fan of this brand for a very long time and it amazes me how great it is to see them elevate their style to the next level.This brand are just not suited for streetwear fashion but they also cater to lifestyle fashionistas. Each caps has its own classification of silhouette so it depends on how you're going to style it. see the style guide below.
Here are my top 5 picks from their latest collection! Through this accessory you can surely amplify your look and make a statement. Visit Their branch at Sm City Pampanga
This Highend headpiece embraces the material of art in street fashion. It's durability is incomparable to other caps so everything you spend from this brand is totally worth it .New Era Caps ranges from (1,500php-6,000php). New Era caps are also known for making La & Ny Yankees Baseball caps but did you know they're also licensed to create designs from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Japanese Anime (one Piece) and many more. here are some of their Disney Collection.
 Limited edition Voltes Five cap 
this branch also offers free grooming services for Authentic New Era Cap.if you'd like to purchase their Capology kit which consist of Cap eraser, Cap freshener and wooden brush its 2,495php. Available at Sm City Pampanga hurry, before they ran out of stock! for more updates just click the link and don't forget to follow and like their page! (NEW ERA CAP)

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Why give "Kylie Gloss" a 2nd chance!

One of the most controversialbrands in the make up Industry is kylie cosmetics now I decided to get one and give it a try.The issue started last year when she released her LIKE, LITERALLY & SO CUTE glosses with an unsatisfying wand that really shook all their consumers. I don't want to tell you guys the detailed story about how it all went down but i'm going to leave a link down below so you can actually follow through.just click here RANT&ISSUE 
As I became more appreciative of make up I wasn't really into the world of glosses I feel like it's sticky,wet and unappealing to the eyes. Thanks to the CEO of Artist Couture, he taught/inspired me how important it is to hydrate not just your skin but also your lips. I was supposed to get the "LIKE" gloss from Kyle Cosmetics cause it has that deep brown shade which I feel like I can really pull off but unfortunately they were out of stock so I just had to get the "Literally" one shade lighter to like. I personally have mixed reviews about their glosses first of all the scent of the lipstick is too strong It smells like a mixture of some weird fruit and vanilla. I can actually compare it with the baby lips of maybelline.The packaging is very unique I like it, very classy & very Jenner! I have nothing bad to say with the packaging! 100%

Next we have the wand, their wands are the reason why they got themselves into trouble. Which I can honestly agree because it looked terrible when they first launched their glosses. I got to say I'm so impressed with the improvement, the bristles are perfectly shaped and the wand is much more easier to use. Lastly let's talk about the pigmentation.Im not even kidding it is so pigmented you only need to apply it once,but for me I like it extra which leaves me to 2 applications. it is long lasting so you don't have to retouch all the time. I never thought I'd like this color so much(LITERALLY) I think it's going to be in my August favorites!
Foundation: Loreal Infallible Pro matte (107)
Concealer: Maybelline Master Conceal (Light-Medium)
Eyes: Morphe Brushes(Morphe 35W  )
Lashes: Red Cherry Lashes #48
Bronzer: Cover fx(Suntan)
Highlighter: The Balm Cosmetics (Maryloumanizer)
Gel Liner: Inglot (77 black)
Lips: Kylie Cosmetics (Literally)

Monday, August 22, 2016

T Revealed (Kathleen Lights x Colourpop Make up Review)

It became a habit of mine to get and try new make up products every month.Now for this week I got the collab from Kathleen lights with Colourpop cosmetics. I got the creme gel liner in the shade Mr. Bing and ultra satin lip in the shade Point zero. These colors are more on the bold side, so if you would like to make a statement I highly recommend this make up products to you. The collab of Kathleen and colourpop were released last July 13. Kathleen's fav. formula was from the collection ultra satin lip so she made 3 ultra satin lips in the shades "point zero, Alyssa and November" she was also asked to make two gel and creme liners but unfortunately the other gel and creme liner were rejected so she just release one creme and gel liner which is "point zero"
 Now I really do appreciate brands that are so cheap but still able to manage to satisfy their customers. Excuse my word "cheap" I just wanted to clarify that this brand is just very very affordable and that it has the quality of a high end. I think the ultra satin lips collection is seriously one of the best formulas that colourpop has ever released.I have alot to say with their collection It's long lasting,not kiss proof, affordable and has varieties of colors.Now here's the look I created using the Kathleen and Colourpop collab I hope you guys like it.
Make up Details down below! 
FACE: Maybelline (matt poreless)
CONCEALER: Maybelline (master Conceal)
BROWS: Benefit (Goof Proof #5)
LASHES: Red Cherry Lashes (#48)
BRONZER: Benefit (Hoola)
HIGHLIGHTER: Balm Cosmetics (Mary Lou Manizer)
LIPS:Kathleen lights. Collab with COLOURPOP (Point zero and Mr. Bing)

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Up close and beautiful

I can't believe this is happening it's my 1st time to give a beauty blog review on the items I recently got on the mail this month via Sephoraph! So happy and a bit scared because I don't know what people might think of me after posting this but I realized in life we need to be brave and stand up for oneself. No matter what you do as long as it doesn't violate others just keep on doing it.Last 2 weeks I was looking for an affordable eye shadow palette that I've never tried before. Then I wondered, why not try this Uk makeup brand called Sleek make up I've heard so many things about the brand like their highlighters and blushes. Going back ,I just grabbed their limited edition "Force of nature" palette and this is what it looks like. 
It has 12 shades with super creamy and pigmented colors. It's such an amazing formula with an affordable price that you will surely love it's just 800ish php! Aside from that, this palette offers you to experiment with the colors of nature. If you would be imaginative I think this palette is very perfect in creating looks that's somewhat dark and mysterious. 
We all know that "kilay(brow) is life" especially for those girls who were born without them. Benefit released their amazing brow collection last month and it was available here in the ph 1st week of july! Beauty lovers were so thrilled to experience everything! Including me. So I went to sephoraph and grabbed their "GOOF PROOF brow pencil" Once the package was delivered in the afternoon I was literally amazed of how benefit can really think of things that are so out of this world. I mean who would have thought? A brow product inspired by magic wand!right? AMAZING! . I'll be honest this is somewhat alike to the ABH brow definer but it has a more diamondish shape. I would not recommend this to people with thin brows because of its shape it can be a little difficult but over all it's 9/10 for me.They have 6 shades And I'm in the shade no. 5 which is the color deep.You can purchase it here at SephoraPH (just click the link)

Products used:
Face: Benefit (Hello Flawless Foundation)
Concealer: Maybelline (Master Conceal )
Bronzer: Benefit (Hoola)
Brows: Benefit (Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil)
Highlight: The Balm Cosmetics (Mary lou manizer)
Eyes: Sleek Makeup (Force of Nature)
Lashes: Red Cherry Lashes (#43)
Lips: Dose of Color (Stone)