Thursday, April 17, 2014

Get some color

Top:The Illustrados|Bottom: forver21|Bag: Herscherl Supply & Co.|Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs
This was my ootd for the meet and greet event of Sm city clark with Laureen Uy. Where we're able to show and and express ourselves to Laureen with our fashion expertise. A big thanks to Sm City clark for giving us the opportunity to be with her the whole day for more details and photos of the event visit (exclusive Laureen meet and greet). Ever since I read stylized it helped me alot about tips on the do's and dont's of fashion. I will never stop loving Button down shirts it really represents me and how I style my self. This shirt is very appropriate for summer since the color is very neutral not really shocking and has the summer vibe going on. 

Monday, April 14, 2014


Top:ZARA |Bottom : People are People| Accessories:
Rastaclat, G-shock| Shoes: People are People
Feeling lucky today, I heard and read that camouflage are still not in to the season of what they call "so last year" so I came up with an endless camou style for today. What I wore for today's ootd is to show the edgy side of me.Studs on my shoes , rocking out my over sized black shirt and giving some sun flare realness.I know it's never too late to sass up your style just be confident and remember to always own up to what you are wearing.Anyway, I'm just so thankful and blessed for this week.I am also hoping and praying many projects to come. Credits to my cousin Paola Ocampo. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Alviera Sandbox

It's actually my first time attending events like this. I'm not really an adventorous type of guy but witnessing how people enjoy the activities, sports and adventure to explore made me think why should I not give it a try? Sabe nga nila face your fears! 
Sharie and Lyka's turn 
Did you know that this is the tallest Giant swing in the Philippines! Lucky I survived!"Feel ko nawala puso ko" in riding this giant thing haha! I'm totally digging how cool adventures are here in Alviera they have this coolest rollercoaster zipline which is very unusual to all. 
Witness everything here in AlvieraSandbox (Roller Coaster Zipline, Aerial Walk, Giant Swing, Wall Climbing Rappelling, Free Wall, Playgorund, Mini Golf, ATV Rides, Kite Display, Cooking Demos and Food fair, Kite Workshop and many more)
My favorite activity with Lyka haha SORRY <3.
After these activities we were able to attend bamboo's concert also in Alviera which I really love and I would like to say thank you to Stratos and Ayala for making this event possible especially ma'am Jing who never failed to support us in every activity we have. 
Bamboo LIVE! 
 Alviera's Sandbox is a newly opened adventure located at Porac Pampanga. Since it's summer, It's a great way to spend your time with your family, friends and loved ones here. A very affordable place to go and will surely bring out the bond you guys needed. Alviera is open 9am to 6:30 pm. everyday so what are you guys still waiting for ? Come and Have some fun at Alveira's Sandbox.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Exclusive: Laureen Uy's Meet and Greet at Sm City Clark

It was actually my first time attending meet and greet events for a celebrity/ fashion Blogger and I must say this event was one of my unforgetable events that I ever attended for it is related to my passion and really shows how fashion and style can inspire other people. Laureen is one of the ispirational fashion bloggers for all the aspiring fashion enthusiast.I was too shy to talk to her but as time flies she's really friendly and cool she never let dull moments come in your way which I really love about her. 
With my Co- Pampanga Fashion Bloggers (Elle and Khai) -Love you both less than 3! haha
We are lucky enough to be with her that day. She's so fun to be with and super cool, what I like about her is that she inspires me to blog and style myself more as I take my fashion blogging into the next level. Meeting her is like a dream come true because ever since I became a fashion blogger I never though I could hangout with someone like her. Since we(Pampanga Fashion Bloggers) are collaborated with Sm we are thankful for all the opportunities they have for us and will give our best to never let them down. Lastly,Don't forget to visit Sm City Clark and Sm Pampanga.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Lucky strikes

This is it! It's official, graduation will be on april 24 if I'm not mistaken.I'm so happy with the grades that I got from my professors, you guys are awesome thank you so much and thank you Angeles University Foundation. Enough about my school speech. Let's keep it 100 now. Laid back outfit inspiration is what I wanted achieve for this week's ootd. 
 Top: People are People | Jeans: ZARA
Kicks & Bag: H&M
Wearing this jersey white varsity shirt really expresses how good shirts can go along with a black jeans and shoes. Just make sure to pattern everything with the right amount of design to show how flawless your look is.
If you noticed, I reduced the vibrance and saturation of my photos it's because of the help of Adobe Lightroom and Picasa. I'm actually thankful for they give me a high definition quality photo. credits also to my photographer Cheska Balingit who never fails to impress me in taking good pictures of me. 
This kind of mood really shows how my emotional face looks like. HAHA #sorryaboutit
Thanks for viewing.