Monday, May 30, 2016

Black statement

Top:Zara|Cardigan:People are People|Pants: Bench| Shoes: Salvatore Man
I was in my smart casual outfit when I attended the open house event at Iscahm. Went for something safe and minimal , with the style that I chose I wanted to look professional and dapper. I've been wearing black for quite a while now. My friends even asks me questions like it's summer why are you always wearing black? are you comfortable with that color blah blah .Honestly I really don't know why, but I feel like less is more you don't have to wear something that has lots of design and colorful outfits to catch others attention. If you're not comfortable wearing something that's in trend, scrap the idea and think of something that's more of your personality and execute your style properly.Agree? Sometimes wearing something simple can make u even stand out more. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cinema house (Movie Snack Bar)

Watching a wonderful movie is not 100 percent complete without eating popcorn, corndogs, fries & etc. Good thing Movie Snack bar is Finally here in Pampanga it opened last Wednesday at the Movie house lobby. Style, Food and beauty bloggers were invited at the said event together with the General Manager of Marquee Mall (Ms. Peachy Atendido) and Deputy General Manager of Ayala Theater Management Group (Atty. Rolly Duenas). 
All of the snack recipes are from  Chef Romualdo "PePe" Castillo. He wanted to satisfy the cravings of the Filipinos customers with good food and drinks. For me, He did a really good job because I was able to try their cheesy bacon & mushroom fries and hotdog sandwich.It was just phenomenal everything was on point their snacks are really something to be tried and will definitely come back here for more! not just to watch a movie but to experience the luxury of their snacks. Movie Snack bar doesn't only focuses on the food itself but it also captures people with their quality of service.
these are some of the treats you can find at the Movie Snackbar!

Movies are more enjoyable now that it was able to elevate its standards through these treats from movie snackbar. I hope you can come by and visit Marquee mall so you can also experience what I experienced.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

ISCAHM (make that move to become a chef)

Being a part of the open house of Iscahm was really overwhelming, Just to give you some background, ISCAHM opened it's doors last 2003 at quezon city Katipunan avenue. It is also a European culinary school of intl. standards. The founders of International school for Culinary arts and hotel management (ISCAHM) are Chef Norbert Gandler and Hans Schallenberg. Chef Norbert Gandler. Is an Australian chef who went to the Philippines to train and make filipinos a great Chef! We are lucky enough to have professional chefs to be guiding us into a great culinary future!
ISCAHM's mission is to mold their students into becoming real professionals by helping them aquire values such as discipline, service for others, honesty efficiency and perfection in their trade. To produce highly skilled trade professionals patterned to the up to date culinary trend. We all know that education is the key to a better future, we have a lot of aspiring chefs out there and I think this school can manage to make your dreams come true. ISCAHM students and chefs does not only excel locally but also internationally let me state some of the things they achieved at the Philippine Culinary cup in 2015 they won:
*dream team
*young chefs award
*Filipino cuisine award
Plus 11 gold, 6 silvers and 5 bronze medals! That's literally goals right!
With that said Iscahm offers courses with Diploma in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management with Australian Certificate lll in Culinary Arts , Diploma in Pastry & Bakery Arts and Kitchen Management with Australian Certificate lll in Patisserie and NCll Certificate in Cookery. Now the big reveal the founder of ISCAHM inteoduced their newest programme which is the SENIOR YEAR HIGH SCHOOL. SENIOR YEAR HIGH SCHOOL (grade 11-12) includes core subjects (Math, Science, Statistics and Language) International Culinary Training and Bread and Pastry production. They will also get the chance to train with ISCAHMS Champion which is really good in enhancing their skills professionally , now after graduation each students will have a certificate from NCII TESDA. Now the real question is, Why enroll to this school? Simply because they have great mentors ,experienced teachers and internationally trained supervisors!
ENROLL NOW! For queries and information contact (045-458-8888)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Black and white statement

Here's my 1st ootd post for the month of June. This time I decided to go on a black and white theme for a change. I've been stuck with a kuwaii personality ever since I went to Japan and I just can't help but appreciate everything there.Going back to my ootd I found this brand that caught my attention to every details of their products not only their affordable but they also customized shirts for their customers 
Off to meet a client for jawdropperph an online shop that sells Legit Rastaclat you guys have to follow their ig account it's (jawdropperph) 
Middle class clothing's trademark are Leather & zipper and.for your information I'm really liking the connectivity of the black and white sense of the ramp man crossings and middle class clothing
We all know that It's hard to find men stuff from online shops so I'm really happy Middle class clothing is finally on it's way to ambush men's fashion. We all need this kind of laid back outfit everyday!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Fancy Cioccolo

I've been wanting to go here for a very long time but It's really far and I got no one to be with. Since my brother is back here in the Philippines he wanted us to go here so I could finally see how fancy the place is. Cioccolo is one place where you can truly celebrate gatherings, special occasion etc. I love this place because it's different from others they have this very Grecian type of interiors.
It's encouraging to eat at this fancy place for they possesses right amount of food, quality of service and a perfect, I'm right here at their cake station where you can see varieties of mouthwatering cakes. I chose to emphasize all their green cakes for a change and also because these are there best sellers. 
Pistachio cake
One of my favorite is their Green tea ferrero
and lastly their Ube Macapuno. 
No doubt, I will still go back here it's definitely a place to remember! I hope you guys can also visit Cioccolo and I assure you wont regret it. 

Change of Hair

It's a first!! I was actually shocked when my mom asked me what hair color Should I want for my hair since we're in a salon.   I couldn't believe that she's actually pushing me to change my hair color 'cause I've always wanted to but I couldn't cause I've been rejected with her permission many times. I didn't say a word though confused 'cause she might change her mind.  So I walked pass the salon's lounge and took a seat to look over the hair colors which would perfectly suit me.
It was really hard for me to choose 'cause I didn't have any idea how I'd look like with a dyed hair so I asked the hairstylist to help me pick out the best hair color. He recommended matte brown so I went for it. 
After an hour or so my hair was done and I was so happy with the outcome.So what can you say guys? Thanks for viewing.