Sunday, June 18, 2017

Medusa Heritage

It's always nice to dress up when the sun is out, right now, our weather is a little bipolar but I'm glad it's not raining. Today I'm featuring this shirt from Light in the box! It's this beautiful printed shirt that is alike to the designs of Donatella Versace if you know what I mean, I've been eyeing on a good Barroco designed shirt for a long time and finally I found one . I think it's very classy and very chic.light in the box is an online shop that ships worldwide,it has different varieties of styles that will surely appeal to the millennial. Their prices are very affordable everything is worth buying so no need to worry about that. I really have nothing bad to say about the quality of their shirts so I guess, you guys will have no reason to get stressed out. Moving forward, their size chart has a very Asian fit so make sure when you place an order get one size bigger to your regular measurement to achieve the right fit.
 To be honest this shirt deserves a good makeup look, so I decided to recreate the look of Mrs. Kim Kardashian West at the Cannes Film Festival 2017! I just felt very classy and expensive that day. If you want to know all the details of this makeup look just go ahead and follow me on my Instagram @sefffrancisco

Friday, May 26, 2017

H&M Music Collaboration with Zara Larsson

Thank God it's pink Friday, last (may 19) H&M launched their newest collection from their collab with the Swedish singer "ZARA LARSSON" If you guys don't know her, she's the girl who sang lush life, symphony featuring Clean Bandt and my favorite song of hers which is "SO GOOD!" She's a young talented singer that has a great sense of style. Her personality shined through in her collection, I can tell that a lot of young fashionistas can relate to her. Here are some of her collections.
with Pampanga Fashion Bloggers(Khai Nunag, Jhavoo Morgia, Tse Bautista)
Shai Lagarde Wearing one of Zara Larsson's Collection
(with Anton,Ida and Shai Lagarde)
It's amazing how she managed to stay true to her aesthetic and make the collection very youthful. You can see over sized dresses, denims and cropped tops with all the twist of pink in it which gives me so much life, Really never thought she'd be sticking to the pink color so good thing I was matching everything up with her collab with H&M. Hoping you guys can check her collection in person because everything is worth buying If I was only a girl I would definitely buy one in every color.I'm really glad that they launched this collab in Clark, cause Clark has been so advanced with everything and it's amazing how it's much convenient for us to local fashionistas, to shop and not be left out of trend.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Lash get it on (Lashlab Manila)

Lashes are my favorite thing to do when putting on makeup. It provides much more impact to your audience and makes you look more extra. As a beauty influencer I think that the true meaning of glam (w/makeup) is putting on lashes. Lashes are precisely done, they're all beautiful and very glamorous. Mink lashes are best worn for parties and events. They're soft, lightweight and very easy to use. Comparing synthetic and silk lashes, the mink ones are much more softer, silkier and much more defined that's why people are more likely to wear this one instead of the other kinds. This trend is taking the beauty world faster than the fire.
I got mine from this online shop called LashLab Manila. I've been following them for quite some time now and I'm impressed with all of their designs and so I always check out what designs they're going to release and or they're gonna post. In the Philippines Honestly, it's so hard to find great looking false lashes good thing Lashlab is here to save the day. They're very affordable price ranges from 350 to 650php, they give so much justification to my glam looks. I suggest to all the ladies who love to enhance their eye makeup to go check out "lashlab manila" (click the link) and get your yours now 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Glam of the month (Makeup Geek x Manny Mua)

Happy New year everyone!I'm so happy to be sharing all my thoughts about the Legendary palette of Manny Mua. I created 2 looks with Manny Mua's Palette with Makeup Geek  it is one of the most beautiful palette that Make up geek has released. I was really lucky to score this at  "Makeup Depot Ph". It is an online shop in the Philippines where I mostly by my make up.
 Manny Mua was a voice to the gay people that make up is not just for girls,he inspired millions of people to be confident and be beautiful in their own skin, Unfortunately this palette is no longer available on their site because this collaboration  is limited edition. Manny worked hard for this palette and I think he did an amazing job with it.
 You can never go wrong with make up geek shadows they're very blendable, very affordable and it is long lasting.It may not be classified as one of the high end brands in the market but it slays and proves to everyone that it doesn't have to be high end to achieve a beautiful quality. My ultimate favorite colors from the palette are (Insomnia,Artemis & Cosmopolitan) . This palette maybe be on the bold side of make up but in my opinion I can see myself strutting down anywhere. Just remember to blend and corporate the colors you like.
Products used:
Too Faced- Born This way (Warm Beige)
Maybelline- Matte Poreless (235)
Maybelline- Master Conceal (Light to medium)

Sleek Makeup- Solstice Palette (Equinox)
Marc Beauty- Bronzer (tantric)
Mac Cosmetics- Blush (Foolish me)

Makeup Geek Cosmetics (Manny Mua Palette)
Huda Beauty (Sasha)
Marc Beauty Mascara (Velvet Noir)

Nyx Cosmetics- Lip Pencil (Natural)
Makeup Forever- Artist Rouge (m100)
Marc Beauty- Gloss (Taboo)
Products used:
Benefit- Hello Flawless (Beige)
Maybelline- Matte Poreless (235)
Mac Cosmetics- Pro Longwear Concealer (Nc35)

Sleek Makeup- Solstice Palette (Equinox)
Benefit- Bronzer (Hoola)
Mac Cosmetics- Blush (Foolish me)

Makeup Geek Cosmetics (Manny Mua Palette)
Inglot: Gel Liner (77)
Red Cherry Lashes (#47)
Marc Beauty Mascara (Velvet Noir)

Tarte Cosmetics - Lip Pencil (Boho)
Ofra Cosmetics - Aries  (manny Mua Collab)

Monday, December 19, 2016

Dreamy Unicorn (Maybelline Hacks)

I'm constantly loving everything about maybelline, I think out of all the drugstore products in the market maybelline has been slaying everyone with their lipstick. I guess you all know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about their color sensational lipstick collection! It's 300- 350php I got one in the shade "daringly nude" it's pigmented, gives you the perfect soft matte finish that lasts for hours. If I'm not mistaken this shade was from their latest brown collection that was released in the Philippines earlier in 2016! Their formula is undeniably great I have nothing bad to say about the product it's 100% worth it.
Moving forward to my next maybelline product. I'm really excited to share this cause I was really shooked when I tried it. I got their colorshow eyeliner which I can obviously compare with the Charlie xcx collab from makeup forever. They have variety of colors to choose from (aqua blue, purple,Ocean blue and many more!) It is so creamy and so easy to blend unlike the colourpop one's I don't know if it's me or what but I find it so hard to get a pigment out of those creme gel liners. The product costs around 200php so if you're looking for an affordable long lasting eyeliner just check the collection of colorshow eyeliner available at your nearest watsons and Sm store beauty section.
Product used: Face:
 Maybelline matte poreless (235) & Too faced Born this way (warm Beige)
 Mac Cosmetics Pro long wear Concealer nc35, blush (foolish me) 

Highlighter: sleek Makeup Solstice palette Marc Jacobs Tantric Bronzer 
Brows: Benefit Cosmetics Goof proof pencil
 Lips : Maybelline - Daringly nude 

Eyes: sleekmakeup (forceofnature) for my transition shade, @makeupgeekcosmetics burlesque on my outer v, @welovemaybelline color eyeshadow tattoo for my base and on my lids I mixed ecliptic and hemisphere from the solstice palette (@sleekmakeupph) #maybelline colorshow liner (aqua blue)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Blind them with the light (Sleek Makeup Solstice Palette)

I was in a hunt for an affordable makeup highlighter and it seems like I need to change my old one (marylou manizer from Balm Cosmetics.Good thing I was in Manila for 3 days and found the most talked about highlighter for the month of September. It's called the solstice palette from Sleekmakeup. The rave started when Jaclyn Hill talked about it, people got shooked and crazy of how amazing the palette was. We all know that Jaclyn is one of the most influential make up gurus in the beauty Industry, with that said she's also known to be one of the collaborators and makers of the Champagne pop Highlighter from Becca Cosmetics. 
Everyone trusted her expertise and people were impressed so the palette was a huge hit and a success. The solstice palatte has 4 shades which consists of 1 cream (ecliptic) and 3 powder highlighters (equinoz, hemisphere and subsolar). This palette is extremely pigmented and it is best used with a fan brush. I also used this palette to create my unicorn inspired look that will be posted this December 2016 on instagram @sefffancisco so stay tuned! . This palette was unbelievably blinding, it is 100% affordable I got it around 800 plus pesos. If you are too far from Sm malls try to shop and get the palette from Zaloraph. Here are the swatches I made for you guys.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Nubian palette from Juvias Place

Let me start by asking you this question are you into that warm neutral glam look? If you are,this blog post is for you. Will be talking about the Juvias place Nubian palette it was released in the middle of October and I've tested the palette already it is definitely worth a try it has 12 shades consisting of copper, brown and gold colors. I'm literally obsessed with this palette ever since nikkie tutorials talked about it, regardless if she talked about it or not the product is amazing. The palette speaks for itself. it is also inspired with the Egyptian empire which literally amazes me cause you can get so much inspiration from their cover. It's perfect for a night out with friends, if you want to go clubbing and have a very sweet romantic dinner with your lover.This can be your perfect go to palette!
This palette is best compared with 35o from morphe brushes and the Kyshadow Bronze palette from Kylie Cosmetics. The formula is something that other product should have when creating a palette it's pigmented and it is easy to blend. I got mine from an online shop called @makeupdepotph (instagram) I got it around 2000php. I have been wearing this palette all month long(October), also did a Halloween look on this palette,if you want to check it out follow me on Instagram @sefffrancisco. 
Born this way Foundation (warm Beige)
Mac Cosmetics Pro longwear Concealer (Nc32)
Contour/Bronzer : Marc Jacobs Beauty (Tantric)
Goof Proof Benefit Cosmetics : #5
Solstice Palette (Equinox)
Lips: Nyx SMLC (London with Mac Cosmetics "Spice")