Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dude, It's Reggae

Let's still enjoy the heat of the sun since it's not over yet.My look for today was inspired by Bob Marley and wanted to show the colors of reggae which is red,black and green.What I love about this genre is they have  relaxing sound that makes you want to sway and just bounce. With this I am wearing a comfy board shorts ready to swim my way out to the beach.
Top: H&M| Necklace:Random store in Boracay
Bottom: Forever21(Neon Green)
pardon me for wearing slippers here in my look because I think this is the best way to match and coordinate  everything. I'm more comfortable in wearing slippers than wearing fashionable shoes in the beach.
Got to love summer because this is the time where you put colors on to your wardrobe and vacation is open for everyone.

Thanks for Viewing Stay tuned for more.

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