Monday, May 27, 2013


Finally done with my 200 hours OJT!. Now it's time for me to post an outfit that was taken a long time a go if I am not mistaken it was 3 weeks ago. If you still remember I blogged about colored lens for sunglasses which really coordinates well with the light of the sun. Sunnies are one styling accessory that gives more attitude to your look.
 Top:Giordano|Tanktop:H&M(Parental Advisory)
Blogger Accessories form Boracay
Sunnies: VonZipper|Cap: H&M
I was wearing a light colored button down short to emphasize the print of my tank top which was given to me by my dearest Brother.Since it's very hot in Boracay I really never planned in wearing jeans because Who would do such a thing?(haha kidding aside).
Thanks for Viewing Stay tuned for more.

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