Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Smell Fish(Boracay)

At last!:) we made it here again. I'm with my brother, my brothers girlfriend and my cousin. we never really planned to go here but luckily when we asked our parents approval we're all like REALLY?! in approving the trip. I'm not really a fan of going to the beach but this place really makes me feel like it's really Summer. Very Relaxing and it's one of the Best!:)
Boracy is one of the famous tourist attractions in Philippines they really influences foreign country to really visit Philippines because of the water activities and others like partying,swimming,eating etc.
We also have experienced 3 activities which is Helmet Diving,Para Sailing and Zorb. We only got the chance to try these 3 because we only stayed there 3 days 2 nights. Here are some of the night outs we experienced on our trip.
This place is awesome. Very relaxing a must try summer vacation

More outfit post soon.:) stay tuned for more.

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