Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pin Up Guy

I was chosen to be one of the judges in a Halloween kids contest and I was so happy about it. It was my First time to experience this kind of event . Seeing those kids who are really willing to be the best on their own costumes was definitely cute. There are so many kids who really participated in this Halloween costume contest , they really exerted so much effort in preparing make ups on their faces which makes them really scary. I hope you Guys will Enjoy viewing Photos from this event. =)



My Beautiful Co-Pampanga Fashion Bloggers are also with me to judge this trick or treat event Halloween costume.(Cheska Balingit) and (Khai Nunag) They all look lovely with their stunning outfits very classy. Visit their sites guys=)

Now Let's talk about what I am wearing on that day. I was in the mood to wear something not so formal and not so Casual. I also wanted to look like an old guy here. So I decided to wear a pin stripes button down shirt from Randy Ortiz and a black jeans with a touch of gray leather at the side. I also Realized that i wanted to accessorize myself with a simple arm candy from (Maria's Addiction) and boots from forever 21 to coordinate my bottom.

Top: Randy Ortiz (pinstripes)
Bag : Louis Vuitton (Damien)
Arm Candies: (Maria's Addiction)
Bottom: Mint (Black Jeans)
Shoes: Forever 21 ( Boots)

 Octoberific Collection From Maria's Addiction (Skulls and Belt)

Photograph By: Ms.Cheska Balingit

I hope You Guys Like it (COMMENT IF YOU LIKE)

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