Friday, November 2, 2012


I was able to find my spot here at the Primadonna store located at the harbor point in Subic where all the girls adore shoes. I'm a huge fan of this brand so I decided to ask a permission to shoot there and luckily the sales lady approved my request. Primadonna has such a great venue to take pictures because of their amazing neon colors of shoes and bags that matches my look. Sometimes when you style yourself you also have to consider the place so that it can add a styling effect on your look.

Top: Ben Sherman (Button Down Shirt)
Bag: Gucci (Messenger Bag)
Accessories :(Maria's Addiction)
Bottom: Bench (Faded Blue jeans)
Shoes: Milanos (Rajo x Milanos)

Off to my look. I am wearing a colorful button down shirt from Ben sherman and a blue faded jeans from bench for it to embrace the color of my blue Top. of course nothing beats my love for maria's addiction Accessory and lastly a good connection of a gold logo from Rajo Laurel X Milanos in a Japanese inspired shoes .

 Maria's Addiction (Belt Collection)

 Rajo X Milanos (Sm Dept. Store)

I Hope you Guys Like It (COMMENT IF YOU LIKE)


    very refreshing :DD