Saturday, November 17, 2012

Swag Daze

Top: Zara (Armed Tribal Print)
Bottom: Bench (Faded Blue Jeans)
Necklace: Msense Street (Anchor Tag)
Accessories :Mags (Crystal Mat.) , Vietnam (Black and White bracelet)
Shoes: Mundo (Blue Heeled Flats)

What A Swag Sunday and It's been a long time that I haven't posted anything on my blog. Now that the time has come get ready for my new swag look. I'm wearing a plain shirt from Zara with a folded arm tribal print. I want you to know that sometimes wearing simple shirts could make your look extraordinary and with the help of accessories you would notice a huge difference with it. For this day I  wore  my faded blue jeans to match my black blue heeled shoes from Mundo. I'm not really a fan of wearing "Bonet" but i guess it looks good on my outfit that's why I intended to wear it.

I Hope You Guys Like It (COMMENT IF YOU LIKE)

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