Saturday, December 8, 2012

Blues Clues

A good sunny day ahead of us and Christmas is fast approaching. I chose to wear something casual for  it matches my personality of being an outgoing person with a color of Blue and Red. So I decided to coordinate my button down shirt with a khaki shorts Which is now a good trend for men's style.With this, A good ankle socks and a navy blue brouges will perfectly go with my whole package of look. Sometimes even though you are wearing simple outfits don't mean it's ugly confidence is a plus when it'comes to styling.

I love how Memo men's fashion got this colorful idea of design with a simple checkered print of Blue and red.

(A good sun flare shot from my beautiful co-pampanga fashion blogger Ivy Torres)
at first I really didn't feel like taking pictures but I realized the view was great and it was perfect for an outfit post. 

I hope you guys like it (COMMENT IF YOU LIKE)


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