Monday, December 17, 2012

Bonjour Vietnam and Cambodia

We held our tour in Vietnam and Cambodia, we were excited about the new things that we may be able to discover and the new experiences that we may encounter. As a tourist, I should say that Vietnam and Cambodia have interesting places to visit because of it's beautiful background history. Also, for the reason that places there are very essential which makes people respect and honor the place. It is their way of appreciating the beauty of the heritage of the places in Vietnam and Cambodia. Vietnam is somewhat similar to the Philippines where some structures and the cultures of Filipinos are very unique and beautiful, the roads, venue, ambiance.

We also visited The UNESCO Heritage site of Vietnam which is Toul Sleng Musuem where you can feel the warmth of the people who suffered from the brutal yet respectful place. I really salute Vietnamese people because they really treasured all the things that they have and really applied all the lessons that they have learned.

We also got the chance to visit and go to places in Cambodia, one of my favorite and the most unforgettable tour is that their Royal Palace where in you can really feel the beauty of being a king and a queen. The place really emphasizes how royal the palace is, what beauty it posses and with its extravagant color.

I must say that this was my unforgettable tour I had, because I saw my favorite brand of shoes which is the Christian Loboutin. Honestly, I didn't really expect that they have there in Ho Chi Minh City, because during the tour I was sleeping and my friend just wake me and shouted "OH MY IT'S CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN! " I was like?! For real? I just got to be there! And we run just to see my favorite shoe brand. While I'm in the store I was telling to myself, "Oh my this is one of my bucket list for now! (just to be there)"  lol haha. Here are some of the pictures who invaded the store. 


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