Thursday, December 20, 2012

CHRISTMAS-terpiece (Royal Experience)

TopZARA(Cardigan,Royal blue Polo Shirt)
Accessories Seashel's Creation (bracelet), Tomato (Watch)
Bottom: ZARA (Mustard yellow jeans)
Sneakers: ZARA (Studded sneakers)

For my look on this Christmasterpiece I was wearing a mix and match colors of mustard yellow , black and royal blue to fill up our Christmas spirit. I was inspired to wear a colorful outfit this time to get everyone's attention, colors like this are really vivid at the mall so when you have the chance to see colorful shirts try to grab and buy them already. Don't miss the opportunity.I also came up with the concept of  wearing something that will really emphasize my love for gold that's why I wore this blue shirt with a Gold palette print that says "ROYAL EXPERIENCE" Thank you so much for viewing 
Inner shirt from (ZARA)(royal experience)

Accessories: Seashel's Creation (handmade bracelet by Ms. Shelsea Olalia)

Blue watch from (Tomato)

I hope you guys Like it (COMMENT IF YOU LIKE)

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