Friday, January 18, 2013

A Vintage Nerd

 When the Gigit team asked us to wear vintage and Trendy for the Shoot and the Interview. I panicked! because I wasn't really able to visualize what I am going to wear. The next day, When they said that the first shoot will be Vintage an I idea Popped into my head It was to portray a Highschool Nerdy Guy. So for my Vintage look I'm going for a vintage  polka Dots, khaki Pants and some accessories to match everything. When you Say Vintage it's like a vision of an Antique idea.

 To match this top I intended to wear a khaki jeans to appeal the color of my shirt and  what I love about this look is that I got to Coordinate my shoes easily because the colors I have with the shoes matches my top and Bottom. 

Top: Memo (Small polka Dotted Print)|Bottom: Zara (Khaki Jeans)

Accessories: Maria's Addiction

Shoes: Milanos Sm Dept. Store (Brouges Rajo X Milanos )

Thank you For Visiting. I hope you guys Stay tuned for more=)

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