Sunday, January 20, 2013


Hola Everyone! What's in for this season? I think I can suggest one thing, it's to wear High cut sneakers and Boots I was inspired to wear High-cut sneakers today because I wanted to feel different,I'm not really into high cut or Boots but suddenly I'm starting to love it. Matching High cut shoes are not difficult to match.You can already have a good one by just matching boots and a plain jacket.It's because sometimes High cut Sneakers gives additional style to your look. simple as it may seem I Can assure you that it will grab everyone's attention. 

Top: Zara (Button down Checkered) | Bottom: Bench(Leatherskin) 

Sunnies: Sm Dept. Store ((Clubmaster Type)

Shoes: Zoo York (High Cut)

let's talk about what I am wearing today to match my shoes. I decided to wear a checkered button down shirt that has the color of my shoes for me to look not very simple and to coordinate everything with a touch of black shades that has the cut of a clubmaster sunnies.

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