Saturday, March 23, 2013

On Denim

I Was inspired to wear denim on the first day of "the off price show" and i noticed myself that i haven't really posted something for denim. I also wanted to be comfortable during the event, especially when trying to fit some of the good clothes they have there.Good thing I found this denim shorts in my closet from a random store in vietnam which has a good quality in matching my denim vest. I chose to wear this light black inner shirt to easily coordinate with the denim top.
Top: Oxygen(Denim Vest)Topman(light black)|Sunnies:Charlie

Accessories:Tomato(Black and Rose Gold)|Aldo(Black Belt)|Bottom:Vietnam
 Sneakers:Zara(Studded boots)
Tips for a good match of denim: 
dark denim for dark colors and light denim for light colors.

A fun shoot after the event was held with Cheska Balingit and  Miss Nina Pineda.Come and check out her site here(Nina Pineda,Cheska Balingit)
love all her shots.

Thanks and Stay tuned for more

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