Saturday, March 30, 2013

Going Places

Glad to received a handmade bow-tie from one of my favorite online shops. I had to think of what to match with this bow-tie.Good thing, for a change instead this Bow-tie with a a black shirt. I decided to coordinate it with a another dark color that is easy to appeal with the bow-tie.
Top:People are People(Cardigan)|Plains and Prints (R.A.F.)
 Accessories: GiFi Clothing (Bow-tie)
Bottom:Zara(Khaki Jeans)|Shoes:Mundo(Japanese Flats)
When you wear something that is somewhat formal always accessorize it with only a watch. Especially for Guys/It's is pleasurable and neat to see a men wearing only a watch when he's attire is formal. I suggest for an affordable price of watches go to TomatoPH. They have different kinds of watches that will surely match and coordinate your outfit.
word of advice: "Play" Just play with the colors you have to have a stylish look.

Thanks Guys, Stay tuned for more.

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