Thursday, July 25, 2013

Proud Bosconian

Hi everyone! Since I missed my high school days and I haven't visited Don Bosco Academy for months now, I decided to go to back there. I thought of getting my year book, and luckily, one of my best friends in high school was able to come with me and we did a little bit of catching up. And, that's hitting two birds with one stone!
I decided to drop by Kfc to get a drink and wait for my friend. Krushers was recommended by my cousin just recently and I must say, it's a fresh way to start your day!
We went off to Don Bosco when my friend arrived after I finished my drink. Upon seeing the institution that shaped me to who I am now, I felt goosebumps all over my body. I can't believe the change since the last time I got here. Example of these are the Kiosk, the Section Bus, Newly painted campus etc.
(Highschool Canteen)
(Hisghschool Canteen,Kiosk)
 (Luctor Et Emergo)
(Section Bus)
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Let's talk about my outfit of the Day.Since I really didn't want to make an effort in dressing up because it's to hot. I just wore this shirt from Red Herring and Maroon jeans to compliment my Rastaclat(Gucci).
Thank you Guys for Viewing. Stay tuned for more.

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