Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beat the X

Hi everyone another week for a new outfit post. Noticed something? My style for this day is a bit edgy. I'm channeling Stephanie D, Wicked Ying, Andre Judd, and my friend Jeroy Balmores. I wanted to try something diffrent this time for the this week.:) leave a comment. What do you think?:)
Lazy week I had,so decided to search some of the coolest online shop on Instagram. good thing I found this black and white stripes with pink X on Project Subcult which is really perfect for my concept.Project subcult is one of the online shop that serves sophistication in terms of fashion. They have affordable prizes which everyone can relate. Very unique and gives you a perfect look for sophistication. Guys don't forget to visit and follow their page here (Subcult)
 Cap: Bebe
Down to my accessories, I am wearing a braided white and black bracelet that really compliments my top. Specimen can give yoy a styling finisher look. This brand is for the guys who loves to wear accessories. What I love about this brand is it is very original and cheap it's not expensive for it will only cost you 50-150 pesos. You can check out their site here(Specimen). Don't forget to like their page.
When you're free, try to look for an inspiration to get more fashion ideas that will make you look more Chic!

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