Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Get back in time

 Let's get back to the time where people love to play the music of destiny's child, spice girls and cyndi lauper. I'd like to talk about fashion from the 90's which is not really related to my look Except for the print that I have on my tee. Going back. Fashion from the 90's are fun, colorful and unique. Like what we have now, fashion will never end it's a cycle it is a part of everybody's life.
Top: (90's Shirt)|Bottom: Zara
Cap:Forever21 (Snapback)
 On to my look, I found this online shop where their designs got me psyched. Aside from their customize tees they have affordable prizes you will really love and appreciate. They'll be having their giveaway soon so better watch out and join. Follow their link and like their page. (The Hook)
Thanks for Viewing Stay tuned for more.

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