Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September ends

Hi Everyone I'm back! I've been busy this past few weeks because of school activities. Good thing, got myself a break and I really miss having a shoot with my friend Cheska Balingit, she was the person who helped me get in shape in order for me to blog about fashion and because of her I became a fashion Blogger. Noticed that in the Philippines it started raining since the first Ber month of the year. Anyway I'm just hoping that the rain will stop. 
Top: Flying Dutchman(Floral Button Down)|Bottom H&M
Bag: Wade(Envelope Bag)|Shoes: Aldo (Top Siders)
Being  a Fashionista you need to be comfortable in wearing your clothes because fashion with a comfy clothes  compliment each other. As you can see I limit myself in wearing shorts because I'm really not a fan of it but Seeing this top coordinated with this bottom makes a good combination and just accessorized it with a messenger bag and a gold watch not to make it look very simple. this is by far one of my favorite shoot that I've done.
Thanks for viewing, Stay tuned for more

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