Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sakura Cherry Blossoms

This is a moment to remember A photo with my Family and Sakura.
Hi everyone no more outfit shots for today let's first talk about my experience during my sakura moment in Japan.Everyone told me that I'm already too late to see and experience real life sakura because they say that Sakura only blossom on the month of March to April if I'm not mistaken.  
While we're having our city tour at Mt. Fuji we were all asking and hoping to see sakura and suddenly our tour guide Mrs. Ayumi  shouted " Oh my Let's stop here first and take sakura photos and selfies" so we were like YAY! finally from that moment I just inhaled and said "FINALLY SAKURA I LOVE CHERRY BLOSSOMS! I CAN'T WAIT!" haha. if you could just imagine me saying it you're just going to laugh at me. Japanese are also compared to sakura because they love to blossom and that's their personality which really uplifts the positivity of the japanese people. They are so great like Filipinos very respectful and Hospitable.All I can say is I love cherry blossoms they give color to my life. 

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