Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tokyo Disneyland

My brother's too excited what to ride on our first journey in Tokyo Disneyland so we went for a walk and took time to see everything first.While walking we saw some of their coolest display which I love and dig because we all know when you say Disney it's fun, beautiful and colorful.
This was my outfit of the day. I live with colors and designs so thank you forever21 anyway back to the place, behind me is where they make Crepes, Ice cream and waffles . What I like about it here is when you walk across from their shop you will smell the aroma of Belgian waffle that literally make you say " Let go! ,Lets eat" haha!
This was actually our first stop in all the rides. It's a 4d ride where I can literally say coolest and I just can't forget about this experience even though it's just a 4d ride I wanted to vomit the whole time. I don't know if it's just me or this 4d ride is just amazing!.
Space mountain was one of my favorite ride here in tokyo disnelyand it was the best for me. hashtag thriller! 
About 3 in the afternoon Disney parade is going to happen here are some of the shots I took while they're performing.
I consider this as one of my unalterable experience in my life for it brings out the happy kid inside of me. I remember the days when I was a kid I usually wake up 5-6 in the morning just for me to catch Disney and the language then if I'm not mistaken is nihongo so I can't understand a thing but I still chose to stay and watch cause it amuses me. Had so much fun! I hope you guys experience what I experienced here in Tokyo Disneyland.

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