Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cinema house (Movie Snack Bar)

Watching a wonderful movie is not 100 percent complete without eating popcorn, corndogs, fries & etc. Good thing Movie Snack bar is Finally here in Pampanga it opened last Wednesday at the Movie house lobby. Style, Food and beauty bloggers were invited at the said event together with the General Manager of Marquee Mall (Ms. Peachy Atendido) and Deputy General Manager of Ayala Theater Management Group (Atty. Rolly Duenas). 
All of the snack recipes are from  Chef Romualdo "PePe" Castillo. He wanted to satisfy the cravings of the Filipinos customers with good food and drinks. For me, He did a really good job because I was able to try their cheesy bacon & mushroom fries and hotdog sandwich.It was just phenomenal everything was on point their snacks are really something to be tried and will definitely come back here for more! not just to watch a movie but to experience the luxury of their snacks. Movie Snack bar doesn't only focuses on the food itself but it also captures people with their quality of service.
these are some of the treats you can find at the Movie Snackbar!

Movies are more enjoyable now that it was able to elevate its standards through these treats from movie snackbar. I hope you can come by and visit Marquee mall so you can also experience what I experienced.

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