Tuesday, May 17, 2016

ISCAHM (make that move to become a chef)

Being a part of the open house of Iscahm was really overwhelming, Just to give you some background, ISCAHM opened it's doors last 2003 at quezon city Katipunan avenue. It is also a European culinary school of intl. standards. The founders of International school for Culinary arts and hotel management (ISCAHM) are Chef Norbert Gandler and Hans Schallenberg. Chef Norbert Gandler. Is an Australian chef who went to the Philippines to train and make filipinos a great Chef! We are lucky enough to have professional chefs to be guiding us into a great culinary future!
ISCAHM's mission is to mold their students into becoming real professionals by helping them aquire values such as discipline, service for others, honesty efficiency and perfection in their trade. To produce highly skilled trade professionals patterned to the up to date culinary trend. We all know that education is the key to a better future, we have a lot of aspiring chefs out there and I think this school can manage to make your dreams come true. ISCAHM students and chefs does not only excel locally but also internationally let me state some of the things they achieved at the Philippine Culinary cup in 2015 they won:
*dream team
*young chefs award
*Filipino cuisine award
Plus 11 gold, 6 silvers and 5 bronze medals! That's literally goals right!
With that said Iscahm offers courses with Diploma in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management with Australian Certificate lll in Culinary Arts , Diploma in Pastry & Bakery Arts and Kitchen Management with Australian Certificate lll in Patisserie and NCll Certificate in Cookery. Now the big reveal the founder of ISCAHM inteoduced their newest programme which is the SENIOR YEAR HIGH SCHOOL. SENIOR YEAR HIGH SCHOOL (grade 11-12) includes core subjects (Math, Science, Statistics and Language) International Culinary Training and Bread and Pastry production. They will also get the chance to train with ISCAHMS Champion which is really good in enhancing their skills professionally , now after graduation each students will have a certificate from NCII TESDA. Now the real question is, Why enroll to this school? Simply because they have great mentors ,experienced teachers and internationally trained supervisors!
ENROLL NOW! For queries and information contact (045-458-8888)

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