Monday, June 9, 2014

Black and white statement

Here's my 1st ootd post for the month of June. This time I decided to go on a black and white theme for a change. I've been stuck with a kuwaii personality ever since I went to Japan and I just can't help but appreciate everything there.Going back to my ootd I found this brand that caught my attention to every details of their products not only their affordable but they also customized shirts for their customers 
Off to meet a client for jawdropperph an online shop that sells Legit Rastaclat you guys have to follow their ig account it's (jawdropperph) 
Middle class clothing's trademark are Leather & zipper and.for your information I'm really liking the connectivity of the black and white sense of the ramp man crossings and middle class clothing
We all know that It's hard to find men stuff from online shops so I'm really happy Middle class clothing is finally on it's way to ambush men's fashion. We all need this kind of laid back outfit everyday!


  1. Please stop posting pictures about your stupid gay self. Nakakadiri ka.

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