Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Blind them with the light (Sleek Makeup Solstice Palette)

I was in a hunt for an affordable makeup highlighter and it seems like I need to change my old one (marylou manizer from Balm Cosmetics.Good thing I was in Manila for 3 days and found the most talked about highlighter for the month of September. It's called the solstice palette from Sleekmakeup. The rave started when Jaclyn Hill talked about it, people got shooked and crazy of how amazing the palette was. We all know that Jaclyn is one of the most influential make up gurus in the beauty Industry, with that said she's also known to be one of the collaborators and makers of the Champagne pop Highlighter from Becca Cosmetics. 
Everyone trusted her expertise and people were impressed so the palette was a huge hit and a success. The solstice palatte has 4 shades which consists of 1 cream (ecliptic) and 3 powder highlighters (equinoz, hemisphere and subsolar). This palette is extremely pigmented and it is best used with a fan brush. I also used this palette to create my unicorn inspired look that will be posted this December 2016 on instagram @sefffancisco so stay tuned! . This palette was unbelievably blinding, it is 100% affordable I got it around 800 plus pesos. If you are too far from Sm malls try to shop and get the palette from Zaloraph. Here are the swatches I made for you guys.

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