Wednesday, January 23, 2013


 It was my first time to wear an Ombre shirt and I wanted to make it simple but it would be different from my other outfits. So i decided to  
wear something that would still really emphasize my bag and my top. With this, to outstand the color of my top and bag I intended to wear black colors to uplift  the extravaganza that I'm wearing. I really embraced the design of my peace sign bag so I accessorize myself with a peace sign necklace. I matched my studded sneaker boots to show you that combining shorts and boots would still look good on guys

Top: Laces and Straps (Violet Ombre)|Bottom: LUCA (Black Shorts)

Bag :TopShop(Tote Peace Sign Bag)

Accessories:Aldo|Necklace: Peace Sign

Shoes: Zara(Studded Sneakers)

Don't you just love how I pared my Ombre shirt to my bag? When you have an inspiration
it's really easy to dress up. like what I am trying show you guys here, details like these are very important. be very careful in matching your clothes and always try something new!

 Thank you Guys for Viewing, I hope you Stay Tuned for More =)


  1. love that shirt bro! :)
    finally a new blog to follow and read :))

    Michael Macalos