Sunday, January 27, 2013

On Varsirty

This is for the Continuation of my Gigit outfit post. After showing you guys my vintage look for our first photo-shoot the next thing we are going to show is our trendy look. I was inspired to combine dark colors to show my bad boy side and with this I chose the colors Black,Red and Gray .What I love about these colors is that they really coordinate well with everything 
Top: Folded and Hung (varsity Jacket)|Fred Perry (Gray Inner Shirt)| Bottom: Oxygen (Maroon jeans)

Shoes:Zara (Sneaker boots)                                                

What I am wearing on that day is a two toned color varsity jacket and to match it, I decided to wear plain gray shirt not to exaggerate the color of my bottom.I didn't wear a plain black jeans so that I may not look simple so what I did since I love to pattern dark colors with Maroon. I got to wear my Maroon Jeans to give more impact to my look very boyish I just worn my sneaker boots to finish everything up. 

This was my first time to shoot in front of a crowd of students, Good thing we'are boosted with alot of energy and confidence that day when we had our shoot. This was also my first time to work with Ms. Andie and she was really fun to be with. And to my right my very own partner Cheska Balingit (not Girlfriend)

The Gigit Team after The Interview.with my beautiful Co- pampanga fashion Blogger (Andie Balajadia,Cheska Balingit) We really had fun with the shoot and the interview.

Thank you Guys for Viewing I hope you Guys stay Tuned for more

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