Friday, February 8, 2013


Hey! what's up Everyone! I've been dying to blog another outfit for this week and finally got the time to be able to show you guys another side of me. I bought a D.I.Y. Skull shirt from my co-Pampanga Fashion blogger Cheska Balingit. I wanted to look unusual to the eyes of others because I really do not wear these kind of clothes but just remember when wearing this, Always be comfortable and just be confident. to make things Work!
Top:D.I.Y. Skull|Beanie: Shoplvst(Studded beanie)
Accessoriesespeciallybypaula (Gold Palette Arm Candies)|Casio(Watch)

Shoes: People Are People (Black Studded Sneakers)Bottom: People Are People (Camouflage)

My inspiration for this look is just to mix and match weird clothes to uplift the art of work that I'm showing. I was able to match this Plain color white D.I.Y. Skull shirt with my Camouflage Jeans with a touch of my new Gold Palettes of arm candies by especiallybypaula (Come and Like) I also coordinated beanie with my studded black Shoes. Thanks to ShopLvst (Come and Like)
Thanks For Viewing Stay Tuned for More.=)


  1. Very lovely outfit! I like your accessories.

    xox june

  2. Cool top and shoes!