Sunday, January 6, 2013

Black Leopard

Hola Everyone, Animals are very known for their wonderful patterns that makes them very unique. My look for today was inspired of the animal print Leopard. Let's talk about what i am wearing. A very simple plain black long sleeves and brown pants from Zara. With this,i decided to match my shades with a scarf that goes perfectly with my over all look. I also added gold and black accessories to emphasize the colors of the leopard print. Bare in mind that you shouldn't be afraid of experimenting and combining to create new style. Thanks for Viewing =)

Coat: Azur

Longsleeves: Zara | Watch: Tomato

 Beads: Merry Go Bazaar| Band: The Bead Shop (soar)

Hat: Zara| Sunglasses: He by Mango|

When you are on the go for a simple look always remember to Accessorize,
you will surely give your audience a wonderful impression.

I hope you Guys Like it (Comment if you Like)

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