Monday, February 11, 2013

A Very Special Love

Can you believe it? 4 more days before Valentines day and We have something special for you. Everybody is really busy preparing their gifts made from their heart.I just love Feb. because soon it's already my birthday (Feb 23). This month is always considered as love month because we are celebrating Valentines Day. And I only have 3 Easy tips to make sure your Valentines Day will be memorable
  1. Take time to make your partner feel special.
  2. Prepare something unforgettable that he/she will really appreciate. (Flowers,Chocolates,Scrapbook,Romantic Dinner Etc.)
  3. Lastly this will never be perfect without a Gift.

Always remember to let your girl feel this way "HAPPY and Loved" this is the best feeling on earth. Even though you have experienced all the hard times don't you ever give up be strong and stand up, never ever back down and just face the facts of your relationship. this is a give an take procedure always remember that procedure to hold on to things that you loved. It is always nice to experiment so always try something new to figure out things that may happen in the future for your relationship

Me and My co-Pampanga Fashion blogger Got the chance to shoot Quirkypedia Couple Bracelet. A perfect gift to give for your love This coming Valentines Day. Very Affordable very unique and it's a sweet way of saying "I am bond for you forever right?" hehe kidding aside. This new release of bracelets is very affordable and it's available for men and women (unisex). This is one perfect way to surprise the love of your life, it may be simple but touching at the same time.


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