Monday, February 11, 2013

Teenage Jock

I was inspired with the accessories that I am wearing. Really love the colors thanks to QuirkyMen. Quirkypedia is now releasing their Mens line of accessories come and visit their Quirkypedia designs.For me compared to others they're really handmade and no imitations.Quirky men are really something that I would wear for on the go season it adds more spark to my personality.  Just pair your accessories with your watch to make it more stylish. 
Top: Topman(Varsity Shirt)|Accessories: Quirkypedia (quirkymen)
Bottom: Forever21 (denim)| Chain: Dept. Store (Peace Sign Chain)
Cap: Forever21(Baseball Cap)

Shoes: Vans(Maroon)
 What I am wearing today is really something very simple something that I would really wear when I am going out, Very much my personality. What I love about Varsity shirts is that it really shapes my arms very well. I can say that I'm a fan of Varsity shirts (two-toned color shirts). What I did is just paired my top with a maroon cap and a maroon shoes to really emphasize my jock personality to coordinate the colors of my look.  

Thank you guys for Viewing Stay Tuned for more=)

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