Sunday, February 24, 2013

Heart Air Balloon

Flying is More fun in the Philippines, You know why? It's because of the February event after Valentines The Day where Families,Couples and Friends always take time to bond.this is Non other than Clark City "Hot Air Balloon" .For me,This event is also a way of continuing our celebration for Valentines Day to really let our love ones make them feel special. Not only our partners but our families and friends who have touched out hearts.because we all know that this Month is our love month. 
Feb.23,1994(My Day)

Feb.22,2013 My friend Decided to take me to this event where I was really excited to go to. He would like me to be his partner on that date sadly our friends wasn't able to come because of their busy schedules.He's one of my Photographers in lookbook. Credits to Mr. Ralph Zoleta (Visit His Site). He really got the chance to take pictures of me with the beautiful Hot air Balloon .

I was wearing a very white polo shirt and a fresh turquoise bottom on this event.I wanted to be simple and fresh in the morning since the event was first thing in the morning. That's why comfy clothes like this can help you to move easily and freely 
(Enjoying myself with Yellow Cartwheel)

Captured photos by Mr.Ralph Zoleta Thank's for the treat! Thank you again so much!


Thank you Guys for Viewing Stay Tuned for more=)

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