Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bonjour Singapore

It was a good sunny day to explore Asia. One of the places that I would never get tired of going is Singapore. As what others say Singapore is a good place but people there disagree for the reason that they don't want the word good on their country but they prefer the word fine. The food is the bomb, the spices they provide in your mouth, the good places you will experience and cherish. As I promised here is my Singapore tour for you.


The place where I would really love to go to in Singapore is the Orchard where you can see a lot of shopping malls like the Takashimaya, Ion, The Orchard Central, Tangs and many more. I must say my feet got hurt just by walking into all these mall and not taking a taxi. They also have the newly opened store which is my favorite, H&M! I also got the chance to go to Ion where I saw my favorite brand shoe, Christian Loubuotin.

We also have experienced riding the movies which is at the Universal Studios!!! I so love this theme park because we have witnessed a lot of artists and casts in the movies just like Shrek, The Mummy, Indiana Jones, Sesame Street, Betty Boop and many more! I was able to ride almost all of the rides except CYCLON AND HUMAN!!! I can't manage to ride on that coaster because I think I'm gonna pass out! Haha. Kidding aside. I'm with my Brother, his Girlfriend and my cousin.

 We tried Chili's for Lunch and I super love theirs specialties like fajitas and their starters! The Best! Will surely be back soon. 

"Candylicious" the place that colors your life.

We also experienced going at Marina bay. Here are some of the photos captured while we're at the mall.

Enjoy. Thanks for Viewing.

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