Friday, April 19, 2013

Simpsons Fanatasy

Oh yes Hello Singapore Universal studios is it. I'm with my cousin, Brother and his Girlfriend. Riding movies is possible only here ar Universal Studios. I was Inspired to wear my Simpsons Shirt that was given to me by my one of my closest friend who is also a fashion enthusiast (Layka Romero). I wanted this so bad because                 this shirt is worn by one of the famous fashion bloggers Seph Cham.
Top: The Ramp (M. Simpson Print)|Watch: Swatch) 
Bottom: H&M(Burgundy Shorts)|H&M (backpack)|Shoes: Milanos(RajoxMilanos)
I was inspired to wear this print because It's very Cartoony like Universal Studios/ They have a lot of colors and stuffs that really cathces the eye of the people. I also wanted to be comfortable whenever Im in places like this, So I decided to match the shirt with a burgundy bottom and a backpack. A very fine combination can be a Gold watch to appeal with the texture of the top.

Universal Studios Tour Soon!
Stay Tuned for more.

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