Friday, April 26, 2013

Yellow Breeze

Marina Bay was one of the attractions and hotels that is very expensive and very beautiful. The scenery that they provide by the people checking in their are very lucky and having the luxurious time of their life.they have these cool famous brand you'll enjoy in visiting the place. Shop,Gamble, and enjoy at Marina Bay.
Accessories|Watch: Bench
Top: Forever21(Tank top, Checkered Polo)|Bottom:Zara(Mustard jeans)
Kicks: H&M (Flat Stripes sneakers)
I was inspired to wear fresh comfortable outfit for a shopping day at Marina Bay Sands. Got to mix and match the colors and patterns of my look to not make my look simple.also got this shoes that was given to me by my brother from Dubai. Also try something new like matching weird patterns into something that is colorful. maybe that look would also'll never know unless you try.

Thanks for Viewing, Stay tuned for more.

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