Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Grand Royale

Hello everyone it's been so Long that I haven't posted any outfit post this past few weeks.Finally I Got some some of my pullout stuff in my closet. I am inspired to wear this mustard polo shirt with a touch of maroon on the collar to mix the texture of my maroon jeans that connects to my detailed maroon sleeves polo. With this a perfect match for my look to finish up everything is my Milanos Flats from Rajo. 
Top: The Ramp Man
Guys who love to wear plain polo shirts. Now is the time to put some funk on your style. So much Available colors for this design only on The ramp man. Even simple things can mere fact turn into magic. 
Coat: Markus( Sm Department Store)
I was also asked to be one of Erle Cruz and Elle Photographer for their Online shop which will be coming out soon.So guys, Stay tuned and check out my shots. HAHA. (kidding aside). This was held at the Grand Palazzo Royale.I will be posting more pictures soon about this day.
.I am also giving you a preview of what my outfit looks like without My Coat. See How much my Top Compliment with everything. That's What I love about my detailed top.Thank you so much for Viewing.Stay tuned for more.

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