Sunday, July 7, 2013


One of the best way to spend your day is to be with your Love. I was asked to attend My Hubby's graduation at PICC manila.First I was really nervous because honestly, that was my first time to meet all of his close friends and to be in a large group of people who are handsome and beautiful haha! Kidding aside. Aside from meeting his friends.then I realized i wasn't nervous after all. I was so happy and lucky at the same time because I got the chance to really be with him in his Graduation day.
After his Graduation, I was planning to have my outfit shot but suddenly I got too excited to go to Resorts world Manila to have our lunch at Parmigiano! Because I haven't had anything for breakfast that's why I forgot to post an outfit. But anyway I'll just have to give guys an advice in attending Events like this. You should always be at your best, if possible wear something that doesn't have any prints that may distract everyones attention. Wear something that's elegant yet comfortable in a formal manner specific colors would be (Black,White,Gray,Blue,Pink,Violet, Red)
And slacks to partner everything with your top and Leather to finish the cut of your style.
I'm sure this will be one of my unforgettable experience in my life,Being there to support your love with his achievements is an accomplishment it's never been the material thing that matters It's the Care you share and the passion to love. Words can't really Express how thankful I am to be a part of his Life. I love him no matter what happens congrats and Goodluck on/in (OUR) the future.

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