Thursday, August 22, 2013

Clean Green

These past few days we have experienced heavy rains and flood. Luckily we're all safe and it's all over now. We can now experience the freshness of the air and the bright shinning of the sun. Which helped me decide what inspiration should I have for this week.
 Top: Uniqlo(Polo Shirt)|Bottom:Oxygen(Maroon Jeans)
Bag: Gucci(Messenger Bag)|Accessories:Swatch(Gold),Rastaclat:(Steezy Streetwearco)
 In my Closet I found this Green Top and this lazy Maroon Bottom which symbolizes the colors of Gucci, good thing I brought my bag that compliments everything that I'm wearing . For my Accessory I'm a big fan of Rastaclat so I got the Gucci Edition. Visit and like there page here SteezyStreetwear for more information about Rastaclat.
Always remember to compliment colors for it will help you to mix and match your stuff. Since I'm in the mood for Gucci Colors here is a video of neon hitch singing Gucci,Gucci TGIF! 
Thanks for Viewing Stay tuned for more.

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