Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bloody Vain

Mournful week it has been for all the Filipinos out there who experienced the Super typhoon Yolanda. We are all thankful for all the prayers and support you gave in Donating and Helping those people in leyte. Now since we're talking of mournful and sorrow. I Decided to wear something dark and not loud to show how sad I am in all of the tragic natural calamities Philippines are experiencing.
Top: Zara| Coat: Azur|Sunnies: Rayban
Bottom: Oxygen| Boots: Zara
I love how I always pattern my top with my bottom. This will create a good combination with your whole layout . I'm really a fan of dark colors, maybe because I'm big. Also dark colors can hide flaws, A dark color symbolizes a fashion's universal color.Maybe that's why I love it, It shows off my personality.
Thanks for viewing Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Amazing Look! Very cool