Monday, November 4, 2013

Under The Sun

Hi everyone A look that will inspire all the color purple lovers out there. I dedicate this to you guys. This was supposed to be my look for Bjorn Manila's KalsadaPh representing Sn. fernando inspiring all the fashion forward people in street style. Sadly I wasn't able to make it because we celebrated my Brother's birthday.
Top: Topman|Jacket: Forever21 
Bottom: Forever21|Socks: Topman|Sneakers: New Balance
Now will tour you with the details and brands of what I am wearing. I got this top only for 300php with a detailed folded sleeves that gives a good style with the simplicity of the shirt. A jacket that only cost 800php. Which I really like cause it gives the "UMF" factor of my look and Lastly i got my socks for 200php availing the student promo at topman just how a Valid school I.D. And get 15% discount on all regular items.
"With this look I learned to have a budget wise attitude when It comes to shopping "

Thanks for viewing stay tuned for more

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