Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's Always Sunny

I've been dedicated blogging since the start  of 2014 and I realized I posted a lot this week. Been thinking a lot about what to wear and what to do for the day. Good thing I got this free time before I go to school and be busy and be crazing in preparing for this stressful thesis anyway enough about this college thesis. Let's now talk about my outfit of the day.
                                                             Top:Red Herring|Bag: Herschel
Since I'm still a fan of Varsity shirts which is one of the mainstream fashion last year. I wore this dark two toned color shirt long sleeves. I intentionally chose these colors to hide my fats because I know I'm big It's funny how dark colors hides your flaws which is perfect for your everyday wardrobe.
Herschel Supply co. is available in any bratpack store 
Bottom: Uniqlo|shoes:Topman
I matched everything with the colors of my top to compliment everything with a style. Watch is a perfect Accessory in your everyday fashion style. It gives you this feeling of how sophisticated your look is.
Btw, another information about my 2014 is that I got chosen to be the stage director of AUF's Goddess 2014-2015 but I'm still not sure if I'll accept challenge or not. What do you think? anyway till next time.
Thanks for viewing, Stay tuned fore more.