Monday, January 6, 2014

Run On

I've got nowhere to go. Realizing I just wanted to match everything with purple. My friends and I are actually having a conversation while I got this idea of having a shoot at the parking lot.
 Credits to one of my favorite photographer Cheska balingit. I was not really in the mood to take photos but I just wanted to give it a try. My friends asked "sure ka dyan sa suot mo?" I told them why not? Let's give it a try? I feel so sporty?!
Sneakers: New Balance
Sorry for the low quality of the photos. Just imagine how creative our minds can be with edit. Haha, kidding aside. For me it actually went out really well seeing how I matched this jacket, shorts and shoes with purple. Cheska actually told me "hello Barney". I was able to shoot my mood for that day and I must say thumbs up. 
Thanks for Viewing, Stay tuned for more.

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