Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Styled to pink

I got the opportunity to go out on a Saturday with my brother on a date with his girlfriend. I left them two to enjoy their company and decided to go and have what I call my "selfie time" this is where I spend my time alone shopping,reading,eating and taking photos. This is what I love to do so there's really no place for boredom. I went to shop and look for something for my next outfit of the day post. I saw this one checkered loongsleeves that looks like Stradivarus which is my cousin's favorite brand where she spends her income in buying chic unique clothes for herself. 
Top: V+|Inner: Ben Sherman
Bottom Uniqlo|Boots: Milanos
I'm a fan of a green green grass background so Cheska told me " i found a place where you should take your ootd. I was actually surprised she got me to this very green background which is I'm dying to shoot forever!.
This was my outfit of the day when Cheska Balingit taught me how to drive. I can actually say she's a good teacher and I am a really bad student cause I'm not following directions but she actually told me that "ANG BILIS MONG MATUTO" and I was like! "PARANG HINDI NAMAN" haha. Anyway kidding aside 
Can you guys imagine wearing this heavy boots and then you're driving. It's actually hard to step on the gas. Anyway this day was so fun we actually forgot it's already time for us to go to school that's it for today.  Thank you Cheska Balingit you're the Best! I love you.
She's so Beautiful right? HAHA.
Thanks for viewing, Stay tuned for more  

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