Friday, January 3, 2014

Life as a Fashion blogger

I started blogging August 2012 and it was not really my thing to write or create post about something that I want. Tumblr was one of the mainstream blog site that time and I actually decided to join and check out what tumblr is but a friend of mine who's a member of pampanga Fashion Bloggers told me that it's easy to blog and you just have to focus on your certain passion. Since my passion is Fashion! I decided to blog about fashion and that's the beginning of my journey as a  fashion blogger.
2012 was a big hit for me cause that's when I started to be a member of pampanga fashion bloggers. 2013 was twice a big hit for me and my fellow fashion bloggers for so many projects came to us. We our collaborated with Sm   Pampanga and Maligaya 168.
Bottom: Uniqlo|Shoes: Hush Puppies
 I learned how to take photos when I started blogging and as you can see. It interests me how beautiful photography compliments art in fashion. 
This journey will lead and guide me through my achievements and success in life. I will not give up what I have and be more thankful in every projects and opportunities that will come. Thank you for all the readers you guys motivate me to do and be the best this 2014. 

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