Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Black Thug

It's a sunny day here at essel park where I had to pose my looks for my outfit of the day. I say goodvibes all the way because we don't have any class today the only problem would be in the afternoon we will be having our thesis. Anyway enough about school stuff let's talk about my inspiration for this look. You guys all know that I'm a big fan of Bj pascual with his work and artistry. I saw this black shirt with a varsity design that reminded me of him. Check out his instagram for more information it's "Bjpascual"
 Top: forever21|bottom: Uniqlo|Trainers:Nike
Off to my look,I'm actually going for this black sporty kind of thing that represents how I style myself. My everyday style for my everyday look would be like this. I just love to wear shirt jeans and nikes on the go. It's not exagge but really is stylish and ofcourse we have to be comfortable with what you wear. And never forget what Liz uy's said "Trend, doesn't fit for everyone".
It's a new day to have a fresh new start. It's always been a good day for me shooting before going to school it really makes my day. I hope you guys learned something from this. 

Thanks for viewing, Stay tuned fore more

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