Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Flavor of the month

Finals is fast approaching and I'm about to graduate in a few months now hopefully haha. It's time to inject colors for this month. Feeling jolly and energetic. Everytime I pass by to stores with unique set of designs. I say "We adapt style and fashion impressively" good to know we have a lot of fashion bloggers, stylist and fashion designers who inspire people to dress up and be fashionable in their own way.
Top: bench| shorts: H&M
Nike:Roshe run

On to my look tried mix and matching prints on a yellow nike roshe for a change instead of flats. This is not how I usually style myself but seeing how art is formed, I decided to give it a try and be abstract and different. This was actually my outfit when I went to Cebu last week for our post Valentines date. I just didn't have the time to blog then because I was so busy thinking happy thoughts about my new collaboration with world balance. Watch out for my World balance collaboration.
one reason why I love february aside from it's called as the love month.Febuary 23 is my birth date that's why I always feel goodvibes is coming everyday.As you can see colorful layout I have for my background to encourage people that after feb. summer is in!
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