Sunday, March 9, 2014

Young fine and blue

I consider this day as my cheat day, this will be the last time that I'll be going to school for this year and I can't wait to graduate with flying colors LOL!. I noticed from this past few days my looks are a bit matured and I can see I'm really getting old.To change things up I'd like to put some of my old school varsity jackets in use for today's look. You guys know how I love to pattern and match my favorite color which is blue. As you can see I've worn a polka dot white and blue print that adds the chicness of my look. 
Top: Ben Sherman (Inner) | Varsity Jacket: Penshoppe 
I wore this stripped polo shirt to add a little twist on my varsity jacket. I would also like suggest to wear something plain not to exaggerate your varisty jacket. now for my brouges I'm wearing my Rajo X Milanos. I missed them so much that I'd like to wear it everytime I got out haha!.
Since we're done defending our research study I can finally put more time in blogging. plus more time in shopping!. I've been so blessed since the first week of Feb!, yesterday I was featured on Flying Dutchman's shoe selfie. Check out their Ig and Facebook Account. Don't forget to like their page.
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