Friday, May 30, 2014

Ginza Tokyo

I'm going to start my blog by saying hello Konnichiwa! Today I will talk about Ginza Tokyo it's recognized as the luxurious shopping districts in the world. This place really made my day because as a fashion blogger It really helped my gain more knowledge on how fashion, brands and style differ from each other. If you noticed, People are walking everywhere with no cars passing by. It's because the police officers had to closed the road, I'm not  really sure what happened that day but we were lucky because there are no rules to be followed.  
I also learned alot from Ginza tokyo, make up brands does not only sell beauty products they also serve sweet treats. An example of this is Shiseido a place where Sweetness is heaven. 
(Guess Where am I here?)
As I was roaming around the street of Ginza I noticed alot of people walking along with with their dogs.when I say dogs it's Different kinds of dogs chihuahua Dalmatian and etc.
Inside softbank it's like globe,smart, and sun cell here in the Philippines and inside you can see lots of I phone cases. Different kinds of earphones only in Japan you can find Kotori earphones. Colorful unique and very stylish. 
I also experienced going to the biggest uniqlo in the world which is here in Ginza. It has 12 floors or 13 if I'm not mistaken. I was so amazed I got to the highest peak of the building just for the experience haha. I'm really a fan of this japanese brand because it's an asian brand that emphasizes the word comfortable in fashion.
Here's Seiko wako also found in Ginza
 Me and my brother were excited when we saw Laduree as you can see aside from their famous macarons they also sell bits of sweets and cookies that will satisfy you cravings. 
Lastly I think this is the biggest apple store I've ever seen in my life. It's too big I wasn't able to check out everything haha. This day really made my feet hurt but it's really worth it. Since I love to tour around shopping malls, boutiques and coffee shops see you again soon! 
and that's it for today tune in for part 2 as I talk about Harajuku and Shibuya. <3.

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