Wednesday, May 28, 2014

San Fran City in Tokyo

I consider this ootd as my last official japan outfit because this was the last day that I had to go around the land of the morning sun. I had to take lots of pictures to preserve memories. I also consider this as once in a lifetime experience because my family doesn't usually have this kind of opportunity to bond and make new experiences  due to busy schedules. 
Top to Bottom including socks :H&M |Shoes:Milanos
I really admire the japanese diversity when it comes to fashion. Like what Laureen Uy said they really love dressing up.  Ever since I got to Japan I started saying Kawaii because it's so cute parang song ni Avril na Hello kitty? If you're a fan' hahaha. So I decided to wear a mix and match of colors to be in lined with the style of the Japanese at first I was actually having a 2nd thought about this ootd but I just told myself "nah nervemind it's Japan just play it cool and funky".

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