Friday, June 6, 2014

Change of Hair

It's a first!! I was actually shocked when my mom asked me what hair color Should I want for my hair since we're in a salon.   I couldn't believe that she's actually pushing me to change my hair color 'cause I've always wanted to but I couldn't cause I've been rejected with her permission many times. I didn't say a word though confused 'cause she might change her mind.  So I walked pass the salon's lounge and took a seat to look over the hair colors which would perfectly suit me.
It was really hard for me to choose 'cause I didn't have any idea how I'd look like with a dyed hair so I asked the hairstylist to help me pick out the best hair color. He recommended matte brown so I went for it. 
After an hour or so my hair was done and I was so happy with the outcome.So what can you say guys? Thanks for viewing.

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